Which sort of Life Production have you chosen for yourself, or have you allowed someone else to determine your future?

Is it a thriller?

Is it a romance?

Is it a horror?

Is it science fiction?

Is it an adventure?

Is it a farce?

Is it comedy?

Or maybe something else?

What role do you fulfil in your Life Production?

Is it a starring role?






Or a walk on bit part?

Who else is in the cast?

Did you hold auditions or did the cast sorta pick itself?

Just run a check now on the cast in your life production. Also check on who is doing the editing. It should be you, but maybe you are letting someone else control the plot.

When you discover that someone is not fulfilling the role they have in your life production you need to seriously think why that is, and maybe even replace them.

You may even have to rewrite your own life script and re-cast yourself in a role more in keeping with your life ambitions.

Use the power of positive imaginings, always ‘see’ yourself achieving in advance of action.

Experience the feelings of accomplishment and enjoying the associated benefits, ‘the pay off’.

Olympic athletes and professionals in many others arenas of accomplishment use this technique to increase their chances of success.

Intuition also can and does make a difference.

Pay heed to those thoughts that seem to come from nowhere and yet are relevant to a situation you may be faced with.

Do not prejudge these thoughts. Do not instantly dismiss them. Write them down, contemplate on them and then decide if you will make use of them.

Encourage these intuitive thought processes, do not stifle them. They are given you freely by the Genie of your imagination.

All good wishes,