Introduction to your home-study course ‘Make Your Life Special’ (to be launched Summer/Autumn 2022.)

Human Cybernetics is the platform used as a base structure for ‘Make Your Life Special’, and lays out a methodology which will guide the individual in all their thinking, saying and doing, so that they are then able to control every aspect of their life, and thereby pilot themselves toward happiness and success.

‘Make Your Life Special’ is a rigorous personal development training schedule, executed by yourself, studying at home and practising what you learn in your life every day.

If desired, you have the expert support of your personal tutor through email exchanges.

The course is based on the principles of ‘Human Cybernetics’, the following outline will give you a good idea of what ‘HC’ is all about.

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We all have our personal computer of immense power, our own two and a half Petabyte* PC right between our ears. Please follow this analogy throughout the following pages.

* Petabyte: A petabyte is equal to 1,000,000 Gigabytes

Of course, I am not talking about an actual PC but about your mind and brain. The brain may be compared to a computer processor and your mind to the software that runs on the computer.

You were born with this ultimate processor which has been evolving and developing since the first human forms appeared on earth.

Your personal PC is so powerful that if you accept personal accountability for its programming and functionality you may truly achieve whatever you want.

So, you have been presented at birth with a hard disc of infinite capacity preloaded with certain programs enabling all your senses, vital, and prime bodily functions, the learning process, and instinctive survival skills.

From the moment of your birth however your PC has been receiving ‘life-mails’. These are messages received by any and all of your senses and automatically recorded on your hard drive.

No evaluation of these messages is consciously made by you in the early weeks of life. And therefore, the fragmentation of your personal ‘C: drive’ has already started.

Many of the messages you receive throughout your whole life are unsolicited spam. You did not request the information it just arrived, you recorded it, blissfully unaware of the potential for negative it may have.

The myriad of external stimulations you are exposed to begin to form the basis of your core personal valuation system. How you value yourself, how you value others, etc.

While you are an Infant the choices are simple, you have learned that when you want to perform natural bodily functions you just perform them. When that causes you discomfort you have learned to cry and then the discomfort is taken away.

When you are hungry you cry, and that requirement is then met.

Hey! This is great you think…so when you want something you just cause discomfort for everyone else by crying and to relieve their discomfort, they give you what you want.

Unfortunately, life demands that over time you take responsibility for your own actions and become self-accountable.

This process for most people starts at around the age of three, ( just after the terrible two’s when you suddenly realise that all the noise and foot stamping is just not working any more) and continues throughout adolescence.

Sadly, adolescence for some people is never ending.

During these adolescent years, your hard drive becomes cluttered with misinformation, misinterpretation and quite understandably a fair amount of mistrust.

During this time your inner ‘C: Drive’ is attacked over and over again by hackers wanting to get inside your head, trying to make you like they want you to be for their reasons and their benefit, and not yours.

During this time, your inner PC is infected with many, many viruses.

Some have been present since you were a child, put there by ill advised, ill informed teachers, tutors.

Some placed there by well meaning but misguided parents.

Some by your classmates at school and your student colleagues at university.

Some introduced by work colleagues and by a succession of untrained inept managers.

Is it any wonder that you become confused, disheartened and defensively aggressive from time to time?

Most people find out by trial and error just which responses and behavioural patterns best suit their needs depending on the prevailing circumstances.

The individual, surface personality, and deeper, less immediately obvious character, which evolve over time, are a compendium of these responses.

You become the sum of all your actions responses and thoughts. You are who and what you are because this is what you have allowed yourself to become.

You are as you have allowed others to program you to become, now may well be the time to embrace ‘Make Your Life Special’.

You are introduced to a full suite of personal system accessories designed to enable you to rid yourself of any deep-seated negative factors which may be stultifying your personal growth.

The suite of accessories includes: A ‘Spam Blocker’, a ‘Scan Disc’, a ‘Disc Clean-up’, a ‘Disc Defragmenter’, a ‘Virus Checker’, a personal ‘Firewall’ and a ‘System Restore’.

Now is the time to identify things that may be holding you back from becoming the best you that you have the capability to become.

Running a full suite of such accessories on yourself takes time and much in the way of self-determination and self-discipline.

But where to start? Even if you have determined that you want to take charge, want to take control, and want to be fully self-accountable you need a track to run on.

The ‘Make Your Life Special’ course has been designed to give you such a track to follow…

Within ‘Make Your Life Special’ are all the personal ‘system accessories’ you will need to obtain a masterful mind set.

There are several key phases to the program. Your first action is to complete your online Self-Awareness Questionnaire, this is the equivalent to running a ‘Scan Disc’ software program on your PC.

Upon completion, the questionnaire identifies negations (negative factors) deep within you which, may be acting as a brake on your personal happiness and levels of accomplishment.

Those areas where you discover yourself to be less than totally positive will be addressed by you throughout your study of ‘Make Your Life Special.’

The next step is to answer honestly 6 preliminary questions which are posed.

Your answers to these will indicate to you the degree of benefit you may look forward to enjoying as a direct result of your study of ‘Make Your Life Special.’

It is vital that throughout your course of study that you keep written records of your thoughts, your progress, your concerns, and your discoveries as you encounter them.

You will need to prepare 3 notebooks in which you will enter these statements:

1/ A Current Notebook in which you should write up your own reaction to each section of each part, noting any point which requires your further deeper attention. Your final notes on any such matters must be your own final conclusions.

2/ A Daily Journal (Diary) in which you make note of distinct Positive and distinct Negative reactions you have to important incidents each day. Remember that almost every person who ever really achieved great things in life kept a diary or journal.

Now is the time to determine that this will be part of your daily life. Making time for your daily entries will be the best use of time and you can make. It will highlight your need to keep on a positive track. They need not be lengthy volumes of text. Just a couple of lines about significant happenings each day will suffice.

3/ A Personal Programming Book in which you create and record the programs you construct prior to input into the recording facilities of your brain, your personal ‘PC.’

You will also be introduced to personal programming forms which are designed to ensure that what you are attempting to program yourself to achieve is in fact feasible.

It is critically important that these workbooks and the programming forms are completed in your own handwriting.

After creating these notebooks, you are then introduced to the 5 basic requirements.

These are self-obligations which it is necessary to fulfil for you to meet your desired aims.

The next part of this ‘self-scan, self-defragment’ phase is to measure yourself against the 10 Foundational Needs.

Following on from this you check yourself against the 11 Basic Negations. These negations are dealt with early in the process of engineering for yourself a totally positive mindset.

This is because negations must not be allowed to stand between you and your journey towards self-actualization (becoming as much of yourself as is possible) using ‘Make Your Life Special’ as your vehicle.

‘Make Your Life Special’ shows you how to fashion, design and input a new mental system that leads to what is literally a reorganization of your mental mechanisms.

It is focused on the need to remove all negative thought and action patterns.

This will in no way affect the positive mental patterns that you have already established. It will, in fact make them more available by removing barriers to their positive use.

The stages are:

Run a check on your Self-Image

The development of your positive Creative functions

The planning and development of your Core Values

The planning of all your future activities including establishing your life purpose and ambitions.

You will begin to understand the need to cleanse your personal ‘hard drive’ of any potential malfunctions as a first step to re-engineering for yourself a qualitative personality.

At this point you are made aware of just what your brain is capable of and given a little insight into its functionality. Knowing what your brain is capable of enables you to take advantage of that power in your daily life functions. Having some understanding how your brain functions allows you to accept the fact that this is an orderly process over which you can have control.

You already have in place an input system, this can consciously activated by you and operated under your control. The input system is concerned with your capacity to perceive.

You are then made aware of the programming and input processes which are such a critically important part of the ‘Make Your Life Special’ process of personal development.

Next you are introduced to your Brain Filter and your Negative Feedback Systems, your ‘Personal Firewalls.’ These proactive fail-safe functions are already present in your brain, but they may need activating or re-activating.

‘Make Your Life Special’ progressively leads you through a continuing process of self-discovery and constantly assists your onward journey through life.

Once you have been shown how to clear your mental ‘PC’ of all viruses and have done so; once you have been shown how to protect yourself against any future viral infections and have done that, and once you have protected yourself against ‘spam emails’ and attempts by outside influences to hack into your memory banks, you may then focus on loading life programs designed by you and input by you which are totally in accord with your Life Purpose

‘Make Your Life Special’ will assist you in the development of your Life Purpose, this will be the solid foundation upon which your future development and success will be fashioned.

Key to your personal re-programming are the following critical phases.


This is the way in which you feel about yourself. The way you believe others see you.

The way you present yourself to the rest of the world is dictated by how good you feel about yourself.

Self-image is important because it tells people about you without you even speaking.

Self-image determines the way you think, look, move, and interact with others.

Self-image evolves over time and can become your greatest asset or your biggest drawback.

Your current self-image is continually being reinforced by self-talk and self-visualization.

We tend to think in pictures and as we picture ourselves, so we become.

Negative self-talk and negative self-visualization simply serves to reinforce a poor and damaged self-image. On the other hand, positive self-talk and positive visualization reinforces a positive and healthy self-image. Re-engineering, repairing, rebuilding, or healing a poor self-image is vital if you want to move forward and develop.

‘Make Your Life Special’ takes you by the hand and leads you step by step through a positive self-image rebuilding process.

‘Make Your Life Special’ shows you how to change from negative to positive the text of your self-talk and the internal videos you are constantly replaying to yourself. ‘Make Your Life Special’ teaches you how to build a negative filter that protects your self-image against negative self-talk and negative self-visualization.

You must learn to understand, accept, and respect yourself. You must build a positive relationship with yourself first in order to build positive relationships with others. ‘Make Your Life Special’ helps you understand, accept and respect yourself.


Do you consider yourself to be a creative person? The understanding and positive use of creativity is one of the keys to the development of a full and successful life. Creativity is the coming together and blending of imagination, visualization, and intuition.

Many people do not consider themselves to be creative in any way. Those same individuals however use their unconscious capacity for creativity many, many times every day. They ‘discover’ the answer to problems without any conscious thought and yet they say they are not creative. When they sleep, they have dreams and yet they say they are not creative.

Opening your mind to the pure magic of creative thinking and tuning in to your, perhaps as yet, undeveloped link with intuitive guidance can and will change you for ever

‘Make Your Life Special’ explains in detail how you may use positive imagination to create exciting, stimulating and yet achievable goals.

‘Make Your Life Special’ explains in detail and shows you how to apply positive visualization to give you a fine leading edge of accomplishment.

‘Make Your Life Special’ explains in detail how you may open the vast store of mental energy and wealth that awaits you within your very own Intuitive Universe.


Planning is the laying down of a well thought out and anticipated track you intend to follow to a preferred destination. Any plan however should be flexible and be capable of accommodating the unexpected. Every plan will have a certain number of critical ‘must do by’ event horizons.

Having a vague idea of what you would like to achieve or where you would like to be ‘some-day’ is not planning. That is, at best, wishful thinking.

Planning means taking account of and being prepared to meet difficult ‘what ifs?’ Planning means thinking out in advance any likely problems you may encounter and having ready feasible contingency plans. Planning means you face your worst fears in advance and still confirm that you are ready willing and able to confront them head on.

Planning is not for wimps, planning is for disciplined, dedicated and committed individuals who are determined to travel the hard yards. Planning and preparation make strong individuals even stronger.

‘Make Your Life Special’ will be a source of inspiration to you in this regard.


The Personality Phase is designed to produce a steady and positive effect on your total persona.

Here you are introduced to the Personality Factors (P-FACTORS) these are the equivalent of the series of numbers required to unlock a safety combination lock. They, when understood and accepted by you enable you to unlock the genius (Genie) within you.

Once you have understood and clearly defined the several P-Factors it is then possible for you to have a permanent steady and positive personality. Contrast this with an inconsistent and volatile personality. Such people often have deeply entrenched negative attitudes towards most things. One could say that they were negatively earthed, these are the people who see a glass as half empty rather than half full. These are the people who comment on a totally insignificant error in someone’s work rather than applaud their overall effort.

Consequently, as a direct result of their own disagreeableness they often suffer from paranoia, loneliness, and depression, particularly in later years. ‘As ye sow so shall ye reap’.

Personality and character that borne of a sound and stable ‘Mind Set Status’ are the foundations of reliability. Therefore, it is essential that you understand every aspect of the Personality Phase.

This section of the ‘Make Your Life Special’ system is one of the most taxing and difficult for most people.

You must give detailed attention to and study each P-factor. This will result in you understanding and acknowledging the huge and powerful contribution each P-factor will make to you building a purely qualitative ‘Mind Set Status’.

‘Make Your Life Special’ is a system of personal control. Like most control systems it follows a strict formula:

Knowing and using this formula puts you in the position of having a true sense of purpose and personal direction. This then empowers you to use and project your personality with maximum positive effect.

When you have programmed yourself to express fully the above phases you are then ready to tackle the next 3 areas of self-development.

You will then be guided to develop complete mastery of the following three critical aspects of total personal development,



The ability to concentrate fully on an objective to the exclusion of all else is a skill not learned or practised by many.

However, if you can focus on a clear direction in your life then you are well on the way to understanding the quantum leap you may make in your own personal achievements through applied concentration.

True concentration is learned over many years and in truth only ever practised by those who have mastered the art of, isolated contemplation.

‘Make Your Life Special’ offers you a pathway to levels of personal achievement you probably feel are only attainable by superstars.

Once you begin to apply the principles of ‘Make Your Life Special’ in their entirety you will begin to realize and accept that you are one such superstar yourself.

You will discover that you can have what you truly desire.

There is but one caveat…

All that you engage in, all that you commit yourself to, and all that you aim to achieve must not be at the expense of others but must be for the positive benefit of all.


When faced with a crisis you have an instant decision to make.

This decision may be taken consciously or unconsciously. Are you going to take control of the situation and take positive action or are you going to allow the crisis to control you? If you do not take control and take positive action, you by default allow the event that caused the crisis to control you.

You lose control if, you stick your head in the sand and hope someone else will deal with the problem, or, out of fear you allow yourself to be bullied, intimidated, taken advantage of, or, you meekly allow yourself to be persuaded against your will or better judgment. Or, you allow yourself to become consumed by hate or anger and thoughts of revenge.

You stay in control, if you face your fears and problems and deal with them now, today and do not push them to one side, you think things through calmly and build a well thought out strategy for dealing with the situation. You should also, firmly but calmly and civilly resist all attempts by others to intimidate you or try to force you to accept things against your will.

When you learn to apply the ‘Make Your Life Special’ laws of rational belief, you will be able to resist the temptation to retaliate without thinking through the full consequences of your intended actions.

You remember the truism ‘Act in haste, repent at your leisure’!

Every crisis you face each day of your life offers you the opportunity to take control and practice self control.

Granted this may sometimes not be so easy (especially if emotion and deep feelings of hurt are running high for instance) and you may indeed simply feel like hiding away and letting the crisis or the causal series of events run their course.

Holding feelings of anger, resentment, and revenge in check are the corner stones of self-control.

‘Make Your Life Special’ helps you to attain high levels of self-control, through positive self-projection and by introducing you to strategies, and applied mindsets designed specifically for this purpose.


One individual can achieve outstanding accomplishments. Several individuals coming together as a group are capable of immeasurably more. Combining the talents, skills, and personal abilities of a team of people to achieve a published objective is the critical business skill in the modern commercial world.

Learning to understand, accept and respect the views and opinions of others (even if they are different to your own) is vital if you would work with others towards the achievement of a common goal. This does not mean you must agree with their views, it simply asks that you take the time and trouble to understand them, accept that their views are a valid alternative and respect the basis of their beliefs

An individual’s perception of any given situation is for them a reality. It then follows that if you ask, say, five people for their personal perception of a situation you have five separate realities to take account of. Granted some may be close in their perceptions but none are likely to be identical. It therefore follows that if you want to be sure to have a 360 degree view, a global interpretation of a situation or problem you must at the very least respect the views of, and welcome input from those holding very different beliefs and opinions from yourself.

Do not pre-judge the contributions from others rather take the time and trouble to discuss and debate various approaches based upon the varying perceptions that are available to the team.

‘Make Your Life Special’ examines fully the value and effectiveness of positive cooperation for the benefit of all.

The final parts of the study of ‘Make Your Life Special’ help you to finely hone the New You that you have ‘released from within’.

You will finally be given the opportunity to measure yourself against a 52-point competency checklist.

Having then completed your first study of ‘Make Your Life Special’ you will be able to take yourself through the system again and again… as often as you find it helpful to do so.

‘Make Your Life Special’ is a New Super Powerful Home Study Course to be launched in 2021

‘Make Your Life Special’ (unlock the Genie within)

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