1. The Self Illusion 
In business and in life, there’s one enemy you will come up against again and again. This enemy will make you question yourself and doubt your every move. It’s like a dark force that has you by the heels. A monster that’s breathing down your neck.

This enemy is within the enemy is YOU!

Society has phrases like “Be yourself”. “Stick to your roots”. “Don’t forget where you came from”.
Have you ever stopped to think about who you really are?

Where is this thing you call the self?

The self doesn’t exist, it’s merely you clinging to an identity built up of stories about the past.
However, Self Awareness enables you to understand and accept that.

The only way to achieve success is to become the person who deserves it. When we become this new person we are no longer ourselves. You see, this is the issue with our understanding. We believe we are something when we aren’t anything.

To succeed in business you have to change who you are. You have to constantly evolve. This is impossible when you cling to your identity and believe you are the way you are. You have to slaughter your self image.

Instead of answering the question “Who am I?” Try answering the question “Who am I becoming”. Decide who you need to be to be successful and then grow into that new character. All the worlds a stage and we are merely actors.

2. The Mirror

People don’t have business problems, they have
life problems that reflect in their business.

Most people try to start a business by focusing on logical business things like their website, sales skills, marketing etc. When they experience a business problem they think it’s a business problem and they attempt to solve it by focusing on the same things.
This rarely works.

To put it simply, business is like a mirror. It’s like holding a mirror up to yourself and looking at the reflection. Whatever habits and behaviors you display yourself will be reflected right back at you in your business. As above, so below.

Let me give you some examples:

Most people believe that nobody will pay for their skills and they won’t get customers. They don’t believe in investing in themselves so how can they believe others will invest in them? They’re seeing a mirrored image of their own belief.

We see this with sales people too. If they struggle to get people to make a decision and they keep getting “let me think about it”. They’re likely “thinking about it” when they’re buying themselves. People sell the way they buy and buy the way they sell.

90% of the time the problem in your business is coming from your own personal life. Clean it up there and it vanishes. When you’re starting your own business you must be aware of the mirror and display the behavior you want to receive.

3. Patterns Of Existence

You’re not the highest version of yourself which you can imagine, you’re the lowest version of yourself which you can accept.

Most people have hopes and dreams but they rarely achieve them. They write down things they want and wish happy thoughts but nothing ever comes of it. People always regulate to the lowest version of themself which they can accept, not the highest version of themself which they can imagine.

Change comes from lifting your standards not your dreams. People binge watch tv series and leave their dreams on the back-burner for later but they will fight like hell to not breach their standards. This pattern presents itself in everybody.