You are at birth presented with a hard disc of infinite capacity pre-loaded with certain programs enabling all of your senses, vital and prime bodily functions the learning process and instinctive survival skills.

From the moment of birth however your personal PC has been receiving ‘lifemails’.

These are messages received by all of your senses and automatically recorded on your hard drive. No evaluation of these messages is consciously made by you in the early weeks of life. And therefore the fragmentation of your personal inner ‘C: drive’ has already started.

Many of the messages you receive throughout your whole life are unsolicited spam. You did not request the information it just arrived, you recorded it blissfully unaware of the potential for negative it may have.

This myriad of external stimuli you are exposed to begin to form the basis of your core personal valuation system. How you value yourself, how you value others, etc.

While you are in the first stages of infancy the choices are simple. You quickly learned that when you wanted to perform natural bodily functions you just performed them. When that caused you discomfort you learned to cry and then the discomfort was taken away. When you were hungry you cried and that requirement was then met.

Hey! This is great you thought…so, when I want something, I just cause discomfort for everyone else by crying and to relieve their discomfort they give me what I want.

Unfortunately life demands that over time you start to take responsibility for your own actions and you become self-accountable.

This process for most people starts at around the age of three (just after the terrible two’s when they suddenly realise that all the noise and foot stamping is just not working anymore) and continues throughout adolescence.

Adolescence though for some people is never ending.

Throughout these adolescent years your hard drive becomes cluttered with misinformation, misinterpretation and quite understandably a fair amount of mistrust.

During this time your inner ‘C: Drive’ is attacked over and over again by hackers wanting to get inside your head and try to make you like they want you to be for their reasons and for their benefit and not yours.

Your inner ‘C:Drive’ also becomes infected with many, many viruses. Some have been present since childhood. A few were probably placed there by well meaning but misguided parents others by ill advised, ill informed teachers and tutors. More than a few by your class mates at school and your student colleagues at university and numerous introduced by work colleagues and by a succession of untrained, inept managers.

Is it any wonder that you become confused, disheartened and possibly even defensively aggressive from time to time?

As you go through life you find out by trial and error just which responses and behavioural patterns best suit your needs depending on the prevailing circumstances. Your personality which has evolved over time is a compendium of these responses.

You become the sum total of all your actions, responses and thoughts. You become who and what you are because this is what you have innocently allowed yourself to become. You have in effect become as you have largely allowed others to program you to become.

The good news is that just as you may run a series of ‘fix it’ software programmes on your PC or Lap Top, you may also run equivalent checks and balances on your Brain, your own inner ‘C:Drive’.

You have questions?

I may have some of the answers.

All good thoughts,