KBI’s……Key Behavioural Indicators

Any role has intended outputs and deliverables, however, how they are delivered depends on the inherent Natural behaviours of the job holder. This is why it is critically important to match, as closely as possible, a job holders Natural behaviours with the behaviours deemed necessary for the role outputs to be delivered in accordance with the company ethos.

You may or may not agree with the above, however, the reason so many employees are disengaged and unhappy in their role is that their Natural behavioural style is in discord with the required behaviours of their current role. Sadly the majority of organisations do little more than produce a flat Job Description.

This only touches on what has to be delivered and not how. Paying attention to the ‘How’ as well as the ‘What’ could pay handsome dividends in employee engagement, career wellness, and employee retention, resulting in a positive effect on the bottom line.

Think about it!

NO, REALLY STOP for a moment! Think about how the deliverables from key roles in your organisation are being expressed and communicated to both internal and external clients of those key roles.

Do they project the business in a positive light? Do they promote a ‘feel good’ factor?

To discover how you may successfully embrace KBI’s within your business please do feel free to make contact. You may have questions, I may have answers.


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