Make Your Life Special!

Unlock the Secrets Within


The driving force behind ‘Make ‘YOUR LIFE SPECIAL’ is the lifetime work of the late Dr. George Hall, he was an internationally renowned 20th century Consulting Clinical Psychologist, Lecturer and Author in the field of Practical Psychology, Behavioural Science, Metaphysics and Philosophy. Dr. Hall lectured to and mentored students throughout the world.

He studied and consulted with the leading psychologists and behavioural scientists of the day, including Alfred Adler, Carl Jung and affiliates of Sigmund Freud.

In the late 1960’s he introduced into Great Britain, Psycho-Cybernetics the renowned work of Dr. Maxwell Maltz of whom Dr Hall was an associate. Dr Hall left a hugely positive aura in the field of understanding human behaviour with his creation of Applied Human Cybernetics which he completed in the early 1970’s.

New Human Cybernetics is my homage to Dr. George Hall

You can use the awesome power of your BRAIN, your personal PC, to give yourself a life makeover and ‘make your life special’ using New Human Cybernetics as your guide.

Your brain may be compared to a computer processor and your mind to the software that runs on the computer. You have your personal computer of immense power your own multibillion gigabyte PC right between your ears, but are you using it as effectively as you could?