What makes people lucky?

What is that special ingredient that separates the people you consider to be very successful from the rest?

What is it that makes 95% of the population news watchers rather than news makers?

Is it that they have special powers?

Are they in touch with some energy source that is not readily available to everyone?

Perhaps they were just born lucky?

Maybe they were in the right place at the right time?

In truth it could be any one or any combination of the above.

However, experience suggests that there is one single factor that separates the winners from the rest.., 

A positive mindset.

This is generated by positive self-management, which evolves from a combination of positive self-concepts:







The positive benefits of the above are multiplied a thousand fold through the application of positive associated actions.

A critical difference separating winners from the rest is the application of positive imaginings prior to action.

Olympic athletes pre-run their next race or event many times over and through positive imaginings ‘see’ themselves winning over and over again.

This is now accepted as a normal race/event preparation drill along with all their other training schedules.

Only a very limited number of people outside of the professional sports scene use this powerful technique.

Only a very few have learned to take advantage of the magic of positive self-imagery.

Sadly, most have though become victims of the reverse.

They have actually seen themselves fail in advance.

They have imagined the worst and become victims of their own negative self-fulfilling prophecies.

You are who, where and what you are as a direct result of your thoughts your actions your self-imagery your self-programming to date.

Are you self-programmed to fail?

Are you self-programmed to always finish second?

Are you programmed by the negative inputs of others rather than by your own positive inputs?


When you take personal responsibility for your own actions, for you own station in life then you can begin to re-invent and re-engineer yourself.

It is not an easy thing to do but it is possible.

It is generally accepted that it requires 10 times more effort to overcome a negative thought than to take action on a positive one.

Even if you are positive in most things that you do and most views that you hold, you could still be missing the target because of the savagely negating effect of even one closely held negative thought.

This could be buried deep within you and you may not even be aware of its influence on your life.

How To Master Your Destiny have devised a methodology that enables you to pin point with extreme accuracy any such areas of negativity that may be lurking beneath your conscious thought levels.

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