Self Awareness Questionnaire - Part 2

2. This is your Self Control Questionnaire
I am easily defeated I am not easily defeated
I do not accept responsibility easily I accept responsibility easily
I never respect a confidence I always respect a confidence
I am not aware that I control what enters my brain I am aware that I control what enters my brain
I do not know how to build mental defenses I know I can build mental defenses
I always yield to temptation I never yield to temptation
I often get bad tempered or lose self control I am never bad tempered or lose self control
I flare up get angry and sulk I do not flare up get angry and sulk
I speak unkindly about people I do not speak unkindly about people
Often, I am not calm under all circumstances I am generally calm under all circumstances, even stressful ones
Usually, I would rather not face up to the facts Usually, I believe in facing facts
I often put off doing things I never put off doing things

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Questionnaire Profile 3: CREATIVITY

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