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Why I crafted 'Your Destiny Course' 

That is a very long story.

What I can say is the driving force behind the creation of this blueprint for a happy, successful and fulfilled life is the late Dr. George Hall. Your Destiny Course is borne of the original Applied Human Cybernetics course created by Dr. Hall in the early 1970's

Maybe you have heard of him, and maybe not. Dr. Hall had a long term friendship with Dr. Maxwell Maltz, the creator of 'Psycho Cybernetics,' which as you may be aware sold millions of copies in many different languages.

His personal friendship with Dr. Maxwell Maltz led Dr. Hall to further develop his ideas and the result was 'Human Cybernetics,' the theoretical foundation of  'Your Destiny Course.'

I first met Dr. Hall in the spring of 1975. He was a clinical psychologist, a leading light in the New Thought Movement, and a Humanist, light years ahead of his time. He was on a lecture tour of Universities in the UK and was to depart later that year for a three month speaking tour of the United States of America.

Dr. Hall was a confident of some of the leading figures of the time in world politics and finance. To meet someone of the stature of Dr. Hall was one of the most significant happenings in my Life.

Once I had been exposed to his words of pure wisdom, based on his deep scientific understanding of the workings of the brain and mind, I was hooked.

At this time I was responsible for creating the right environment for the successful qualitative development of the careers and subsequently the personal lives of some 60 people in my business.

I approached Dr.Hall and asked if it would be possible for him to run a private series of tutorials for those members of my organisation who may be interested to rid themselves of negativity and transform themselves.

To my amazement he readily agreed and dates for the series of tutorials were arranged.

The next three months totally changed the lives and business fortunes of all who attended, including my own. Each one of us experienced huge uplifts in success and fulfilment in our lives.

All of these tutorials were recorded and I now have them on CD for posterity.

The tutorials were not stage managed, they naturally flowed and were driven by the dynamic of the group.

For myself, someone who for the first ten years of his life lived in one room with his parents and had no other ambition in life other than to strive to become average, exposure to Dr. George Hall caused me to understand, respect and accept myself as I had never done before.

His tutorials awakened the Genie within me and made all things possible for me.

I do not mean that I am a multi-millionaire with a yacht in Monte Carlo or a private jet at my beck and call. Oh, yes I have hired helicopters to go to lunch and race meetings, hired private aircraft to get to social events and venues, had fast cars and have owned racehorses, but I am an ordinary man.

What I mean by success is that I am happy, I am fulfilled, and I am at peace with myself. I have the love of a brilliant woman, my wife Gil, and my children and grandchildren.

Gil and I live now in 7 acres of paradise tucked away in the South of France and life is great.

I have almost mastered my destiny. Yes it does take time and a great deal of personal discipline but I am very close.

However, something has been nagging away at me for the past few years.

That is the thought that the blueprint for life which Dr. George Hall introduced me to may well be lost forever, since he passed away some ten years or so ago.

This spurred me to action, to create a clear description of Dr. Hall's principles and techniques, which an individual can greatly benefit from, much as we did in those tutorials some years ago.

The result is the creation of 'Your Destiny Course', which is evolved from the life work of Dr. George Hall.

If you want to master your destiny I feel it would be a great investment of your time to apply the principles of Human Cybernetics to your life.

Our new course provides you with the ideal means to do so.

All good thoughts,


Malcolm Milligan

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