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Self image is important if you want to master your destiny

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Self image.

This is the way in which you feel about yourself. The way you believe others see you.

The way you present yourself to the rest of the world is dictated by how good you feel about yourself.

Self image is very important because it tells people about you without you even speaking. 

Self image determines the way you think, look, move, and interact with others.

Self image evolves over time and can become your greatest asset or your biggest drawback.

Your current self image is continually being reinforced by self talk and self-visualisation. 

We tend to think in pictures and as we picture ourselves so we become.

Negative self talk and negative self-visualisation simply serves to reinforce a poor and damaged self image.

On the other hand positive self talk and positive visualization reinforces a positive and healthy self image.

Re-engineering, repairing, rebuilding or healing a poor self image is vital if you want to move forward and develop.  


Your Destiny takes you by the hand and leads you step by step through a positive self image rebuilding process.

Your Destiny shows you how to change from negative to positive the text of your self talk and the internal videos you are constantly replaying to yourself.

You have to learn to understand, accept and respect yourself.

You have to build a positive relationship with yourself first in order to build positive relationships with others.

Your Destiny teaches you how to build a negative filter that protects your self image against negative self talk and negative self-visualisation.

Your Destiny helps you understand, accept and respect yourself.

If you feel that YOU would like to check on your self image then, why not as a first step take time out to complete FREE our online instant feedback Self Awareness Profile Questionnaire?

You will receive a report based on your own individual answers extending to over 10,000 words which should give you a good base from which to start re-engineering for yourself the lifestyle you desire.

Your answers to the questions posed by this questionnaire may well help you identify just what has been holding you back, undermining your best efforts and stultifying your personal growth.

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personal fulfilment, success and true happiness
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