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When faced with a crisis you have an instant decision to make.  

This decision may be taken consciously or sub-consciously.

Are you going to take control of the situation and take positive action or are you going to allow the crisis to control you?

If you do not take control and take positive action, you by default allow the event that caused the crisis to control you. 

You lose control if:

You stick your head in the sand and hope someone else will deal with the problem.

Out of fear you allow yourself to be bullied, intimidated or taken advantage of.

You meekly allow yourself to be persuaded against your will or better judgement.

You allow yourself to become consumed by hate or anger and thoughts of revenge.

 You stay in control if:

You face your fears and problems and deal with them now, today and do not push them to one side. 

You think things through calmly and build a well thought out strategy for dealing with the situation.

You firmly but calmly and civilly resist all attempts by others to intimidate you or try to force you to accept things against your will.

You learn to apply the Your Destiny Course laws of rational belief.

You resist the temptation to retaliate without thinking through the full consequences of your intended actions.

You remember the truism "Act in haste, repent at your leisure!"

Every crisis you face each day of your life offers you the opportunity to take control and practice self control.

Granted this may sometimes not be so easy (especially if emotion and deep feelings of hurt are running high for instance) and you may indeed simply feel like hiding away and letting the crisis or the causal series of events run their course.

Holding feelings of anger and revenge in check are the corner stones of self-control.

Your Destiny Course helps you to attain high levels of self-control. This through positive self-projection and by introducing you to a number of strategies, and applied mindsets designed specifically for this purpose.

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