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So far as people are concerned, "There isn't anything new under the sun." What is true of people in the past is true of people today. The outer trappings change, but inside the people are pretty much the same. What was true in the past is true now, and will be in the future.

The driving force behind the creation of this blueprint for a happy, successful and fulfilled life is the late Dr. George Hall.

Maybe you have heard of him, and maybe not.

He was a clinical psychologist, a leading light in the New Thought Movement, and a Humanist, light years ahead of his time. 

Dr. George Hall was a confident of some of the leading figures of the time in world politics and finance. To meet someone of the stature of Dr. George Hall was one of the most significant happenings in the lives of those fortunate enough to be exposed to his genius.

Dr. George Hall had a long term friendship with Dr. Maxwell Maltz, the creator of 'Psycho Cybernetics,' which as you may be aware sold millions of copies in many different languages. His personal friendship with Dr. Maxwell Maltz led Dr. Hall to further develop the ideas of Dr.Maltz and the result was 'Human Cybernetics,' the theoretical foundation of
'Your Destiny Course.'  

The author of 'Your Destiny Course' was privileged to regularly meet with and be a long term student of Dr. George Hall.

You may now also benefit from the lifelong work of the late Dr. George Hall through studying 'Your Destiny Course' which is the distilled essence of the life work and the discoveries of the late Dr. George Hall. 


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