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Planning is the laying down of a well thought out and anticipated track you intend to follow to a preferred destination.

Any plan however should be flexible and be capable of accommodating the unexpected.

Every plan will have a certain number of critical 'must do by' horizons. 

Having a vague idea of what you would like to achieve or where you would like to be 'some day' is not planning.

That is at best wishful thinking.

Planning means taking account of and being prepared to meet difficult 'what if' situations.

Planning means thinking out in advance any likely problems you may encounter and having ready feasible contingency plans.

Planning means you face your worst fears in advance and still confirm that you are ready willing and able to confront them head on.

Planning is not for wimps, planning is for disciplined, dedicated and committed individuals who are determined to travel the hard yards.

Planning and preparation makes strong individuals even stronger.

Your Destiny Course will be a source of inspiration to you in this regard.


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