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Strategically one of the most important aspects of any journey of sustained self-improvement is having a track to run on. 

As the cliché goes if you do not have a clear idea of which direction you want to travel then any road will take you there.

When you embark on a meaningful programme of self-development you are commencing a journey of continual self-discovery and improvement rather than heading towards a pre-determined final destination.

Self-development is not about simply applying yourself to a strict regime of disciplined effort for a short period of time.

It is more about re-engineering, reorganizing and re-prioritising your predominant thought processes. 

In effect creating a series of new mind sets more in accord with your published and desired needs.

This may not be achieved overnight. You need to be prepared to create a new thinking style for yourself.

Someone wanting to quit smoking or to permanently change their bodily shape or lose weight should know before they start that they are making huge demands of themselves.

Most, possibly as many as 85% of people who start such projects are doomed to failure before they start.


Is it because they are simply asking too much of themselves?

Well perhaps, but more importantly they have probably not prepared themselves mentally for the dramatic impact of the huge changes they are about to submit themselves to.

They have not preconditioned themselves to the fact that permanent improvement, positive change can be a slow and painful process.

How prepared are you?

You must prepare both mentally and physically.

Preparing yourself for a sustained programme of self improvement demands that you have a clear idea at the outset of what you want to achieve and how.

There will be disappointment and set backs to test your resolve at almost every step initially.

If the anticipated benefits of your own personal re-engineering are not truly exciting and inspirational for you then you are highly unlikely to succeed.

The truth is that the further you progress, and the more focused and determined you become to stay on course the less negatively affected you are by these distractions.

You should not for one moment anticipate that problems cease to present themselves as you progress, they do not. 

You do though become a much stronger individual and find that you are able to face up to and deal effectively with such situations.

In truth human life patterns demand that you continually move forward, develop, build and expand your horizons.  The alternative is not pleasant.

If you feel that you would like to check on your current state of self-awareness then why not as a first step take time out to complete our online instant feedback Self Awareness Profile Questionnaire?

You will receive a report based on your own individual answers extending to over 10,000 words which should give you a good base from which to start re-engineering for yourself the lifestyle you desire.

Your answers to the 72 questions posed by this questionnaire may well help you identify just what has been holding you back, undermining your best efforts and stultifying your personal growth.

You may just awaken your personal GENIE of accomplishment which lays dormant within you.

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