Applied Human Cybernetics

Your Destiny Course is a personal self-development, self-paced course written just for you using Moodle as the delivery channel.

 Your Destiny Course.

  • shows you a way to improve your powers of communication so you'll give and receive much more from life.
  • trains you to take conscious control of your brain and central nervous system. 
  • demands a very disciplined approach and personal action.  It cannot be applied by anyone other than you.  
  • is something you do for yourself - not something that someone else can do on your behalf.
  • is for and to yourself for your own personal benefit. The ancillary benefits to other people follow.  
  • shows you how to determine in advance what your end objective is and how to accomplish it.

When you have completed your study, YOU will have re-engineered FOR YOURSELF a totally new library of mindsets.

These will all be specifically designed BY YOU to enable YOU to achieve your published aims and desires.

So check with yourself once again

Are you certain that the ambitions and dreams you want to achieve are really your own?

Are you really excited by the prospect of achieving them?

Will the achievement of them really change your life for the better?


To all three questions?

OK here is the really exciting news...

The Your Destiny Course has been totally revised and is now available online as a tutorial at

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