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Do you consider yourself to be a creative person?

The understanding and positive use of creativity is one of the keys to the development of a full and successful life.

Creativity is the coming together and blending of imagination, visualisation and intuition. 

Many people do not consider themselves to be creative in any way.

Those same individuals however use their unconscious capacity for creativity many, many times each and every day.

They 'discover' the answer to problems without any conscious thought and yet they say they are not creative.

When they sleep they have dreams and yet they say they are not creative.

Opening your mind to the pure magic of creative thinking and tuning in to your, perhaps as yet, undeveloped link with intuitive guidance can and will change you for ever

How To Master Your Destiny explains in detail how you may use positive imagination to create exciting, stimulating and yet achievable goals.

How To Master Your Destiny explains in detail and shows you how to apply positive visualisation to give you a fine leading edge of accomplishment.

How To Master Your Destiny explains in detail how you may open up the vast store of mental energy and wealth that awaits you within your very own Intuitive Universe.  

If you would like to check on your current levels of creativity why not as a first step take time out to complete our online instant feedback Self Awareness Profile Questionnaire? 

You will receive a report based on your own individual answers extending to over 10,000 words which should give you a good base from which to start re-engineering for yourself the lifestyle you desire.

Your answers to the 72 questions posed by this questionnaire may well help you identify just what has been holding you back, undermining your best efforts and stultifying your personal growth.

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