Applied Human Cybernetics 

Applied concentration is essential if you wish to master your destiny.

Your individual treasure map to personal fulfilment, success and true happiness



The ability to concentrate fully on a particular objective to the exclusion of all else is a skill not learned or practised by many.

However if you are able to focus on a clear direction in your life then you are well on the way to understanding the quantum leap you may make in your own personal achievements through applied concentration.

True concentration is learned over many years and in truth only ever practised by those who have mastered the art of isolated contemplation.

How To Master Your Destiny offers you a pathway to levels of personal achievement you probably feel are only attainable by superstars.

Once you begin to apply the principles of How To Master Your Destiny in their entirety you will begin to realise and accept that you are one such superstar yourself.

You will discover that you can actually have what ever you truly desire.  

There is but one caveat.

All that you engage in, all that you commit yourself to and all that you aim to achieve must not be at the expense of others but must be for the positive benefit of all.
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You will receive a report based on your own individual answers extending to over 10,000 words which should give you a good base from which to start re-engineering for yourself the lifestyle you desire.

Your answers to the 72 questions posed by this questionnaire may well help you identify just what has been holding you back, undermining your best efforts and stultifying your personal growth.

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personal fulfilment, success and true happiness
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